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project hot air balloon

It's a new beginning. That also means that something else ended.

Today I moved into my new studio in the Mission. I'm so excited about this new chapter, I have to mark it with a bittersweet goodbye. I suppose this Project Hot Air Balloon was being primed to take flight and it looks as though it will set sail into the sky momentarily. I needed this space for exactly what and how it has served me over the years. But now my life calls for other forms of expression.

This will be my last post here. But like I said, with an end, there's a beginning. Then follows a grand adventure.

I've been beta-testing a new blog on tumblr. It looks like this one's going to stick...at least until I think of something else to do with myself. For those who are the least bit interested, I invite you to carry on your friendship with me into the next frontier here.

Thank you for all of your support. I would be nowhere if it weren't for this leg of my journey with you.
spinning wheel by looseid
spinning wheel, a photo by looseid on Flickr.
So yup. It's been about 5 months since my last post. Life has been moving along at maximum speed with the greatest twists and turns; yet I haven't had a lick of time to keep track of any of it. So today I'm hoisting myself back on the saddle. I don't care if it's all out of sequence; I just have to start somewhere...because shit has to be chronicled and this is all very important to me (and honestly, only to me).

Without any fanfare, he goes my comeback post.

What's worse than waking up at 4:30AM to take your friend to the hospital, I ask you.

Almost stepping on a dead mouserat* on the way to the bathroom after you've woken up at 4:30AM to take your friend to the hospital. That's what.
(kitten not included)
Well, it happened. Two things that I treasured most this year came to a screeching halt.

Last year it was Incendies. This year it's Found Memories. This is by far the most beautiful film I've seen at the festival this year. Each year there's one film that clearly understands its reason for being a film. The filmmaker uses all of the tools that raises the work up to the level that it ought to be, while others work off of a misguided checklist.

affogato with chocolate ice cream*

It's been two plus weeks since my on-site job at Adobe ended. My last week was so easy breezy, it was criminal to call it going to work. We were basically done with our project but just coming in for insurance - in case anything came up. So we'd roll in mid-morning, plan and discuss lunch options and then just go off-campus to wherever for however long, begrudgingly return, sit at our desks until we take a coffee break and then leave early.
Tonight I went to see "Pierre Rissient, Man of Cinema" by Todd McCarthy, my eighth film in the past week.

It's the second week of the SF Int'l Film Festival. With so many films on my calendar, I inevitably confuse or mistake showtimes, usually shortchanging myself on time, and I make a mess of my days every year in April. Tonight was no different. I mistook the start time to be one hour later than it was and I had to make a mad dash across the bridge to the Pacific Film Archive during rush hour. Stupid.

Anyway, I found parking in front and slipped in just in time as they were announcing the film and the lights were going down. I almost tripped over an old man in crutches, while trying to find a seat in the dark.