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2-4-1 bread knives

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serrated knives
Originally uploaded by looseid

The white one is family history. On one of our many drives up to Interlochen, we picked up this bread knife at Zehnder's of Frankenmuth, the Bavarian mecca in the middle of Michigan. Circa 1984.

The black one I got from DK in Ann Arbor around '88.

Serrated knives are great because they can go years before they need sharpening. But 20 plus years is pushing it.

Since then, I've upgraded all of my knives to some form of German/Japanese steel. All but the bread knife, which is my favorite knife next to the paring. But I knew it was time, when I realized that I was sawing a baguette and the blade was heating up from the intense friction. If I didn't lose the knife, I might lose a finger. This no longer qualifies as a safe, much less, useful tool.

Since the rule of this project is, "something old has to go before something new can come in", out they went. This time, two for one.

Thanks for the many years of hard service to the crusty loaves and pounds of ripe tomatoes.

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