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Back it up

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car part
Originally uploaded by looseid

Humpty Dumpty was parking her car. Humpty cracked this rear windshield wiper casing by backing, albeit slowly, into a telephone pole.

Humpty kept it for over a year, maybe even close to two with no way of putting it back together again.

It's somehow comforting to know that you have the pieces should you have the proper adhesive, blow torch, nail gun, time and knowledge, whatever it takes to fix something.

Truly, fixit projects need to go. They are the most frustrating projects as projects go. It's not fun to be reminded that something in your life is broken, so you never want to do it. It's sits there until you take care of it but it's never quite the same even when you do.

So all the king's men told Humpty to move on to more important projects.

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