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black t's

By 11:53 PM

black t's
Originally uploaded by looseid

Don't sleep with anything you don't want to wake up next to.

I'm talking about what you wear to bed. Earlier this summer I was losing sleep about work, having nightmares about work, and would wake up anxious about work...when I traced it back to these black t-shirts.

They're 100% American Apparel and perfectly comfortable. The problem wasn't the fiber, but the artwork. These were T-shirts given to us at work events, or samples for a promo, or what we designed, whatever the purpose, every single one of them was branded by the company of my employment and the subject of what's been throwing off my sleep pattern.

It's common advise not to watch the news before going to bed, as that could keep your mind reeling. But this is literally sleeping with the enemy; no good rest can possibly be had from it.

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