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Gert and the land line

By 11:58 PM

I lost Gert to an auto-immune disease in July 2005. This was his collar. I don't know why I've kept it since. Every time I pick it up a feeling of departure would wash over me. It's not quite sadness, but it's definitely not joy.

His name tag had my house phone on it; I don't know how many times I got the "we have your cat here" call, after he had made himself perfectly at home in a neighbor's house.

Well, Gert is no longer, and now, my phone number is gone as well. Earlier this month, I shut down my land line after 13 years. It was a good number for many years, which is why I held onto it up until now. But over time, with communication growing increasingly mobile, the land line had become proportionately obsolete.

With no Gert and no phone, why should I hold onto a way to find that thing I can't possibly lose anymore.

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