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Communication has been weighing me down a lot lately. Home number, work number, fax, cell, IM, e-mail, text, etc. and most of the time you try all options and still don't reach your party and vice versa. We all play a shell game of accessibility.

"I can be reached at home, but if I'm online try me on Skype."

" You can always reach me on my cell, but not if I'm at the theater."

" If it's about work I only use the Blackberry, but not on the weekends."

" I prefer to text for the most part, but not if I'm driving, etc."

And since when have we gotten so comfortable at replacing these expensive gadgets annually or biennially. Phones used to cost $20 when I was growing up. Now any phone worth its weight in gold can cost you its weight in gold. $200-$500 easily. That doesn't even include the service.

On my commuter bus, my fellow passengers are nose to the LED screen, busily scrolling through pages of engrossing messages. Many of them juggle an iPod, a Blackberry and a cell phone at once. Each one of them brandishing easily $1000+ of gear every day. It used to be that the most valuable thing that you carried around in public was your Walkman, and still, you kept it hidden for fear of being jumped for it. And c'mon, you can't possibly be that popular or important. If you were, you belong in a Towncar, not on the bus.

I packed up a box of phone-ish items to donate today. And I recycled my SmartPhone at greencitizen.com.

A few years ago I donated my phone only to get a call from the next guy who got the phone. I erased the memory, or so I thought. But somehow he traced it back to me. I don't know how. He thought that it may have been stolen and then sold. I told him that I donated it and the service terminated. So, this time I brought it to get it properly wiped off and recycled at greencitizen. We'll see if I get any calls.

It just shows that even if you're ready to free yourself of unnecessary stuff, it might want to hold on and you just have to be resolute and hang up.

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