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project hot air balloon

Why a hot air balloon?

By 5:40 PM

I nearly canceled my one hour massage that took a whole year to book. It was a gift given to me last birthday by my lovely friends. I finally booked it because I was feeling tense lately. But rather than going through with the positive healing experience, my inner saboteur began resisting it and was about to single-handedly strike the appointment from the books...when my ride showed up.

I pondered life between blanket adjustments and hot stone replacements. The room was still, dark and saturated with
lavender and Sigur Rós. Faced down on the headrest, I drifted in and out of zen and manic states.

I pictured being on a hot air balloon about to take off. But rather than floating above the clouds, I remained on the ground. There I was, alone in a 16 passenger basket, but my journey hadn't yet begun. I looked around
and saw that the balloon was anchored to the field by piles and piles of sand bags. I longed to be up there in the sky, but as it were, bag after bag after bag after bag of dead weight was holding me back. I may as well have been chained to a mountain. No amount of hot gas was going to lift up this over-sized picnic basket. If that's not a metaphor upon which to reflect, I don't know what is.

After the much needed treatment, over lunch, EC mentions that she drove up North

"...just outside of Sonoma. Perfect day for it. It reminded me of last year when I went on a hot air balloon for the first time. Have you ever been?"

No, I haven't. (Synchronicity is a frequent visitor that knocks on my thick skull to impel action.)

In that instant I knew to begin this project; I would call it Project Hot Air Balloon. This project is the systematic elimination of dead weight that's standing in the way of taking flight. Whatever form in which the dead weight comes, no matter how active or passive, I will recognize its role as an obstacle and remove it. And through repetition, I should become more efficient.

Perhaps then, I can slowly begin to lift off.

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