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2-4-1 colander

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Star-crossed lovers meet once a year on this seventh day of July. The clouds part and a bridge is laid across the Milky Way for the boy and girl to meet halfway. So the legend goes. However, depending on the visibility in the night sky, this could become a challenging prospect. If it's cloudy, forget it. And when rain follows, that signifies the tears expressing their sorrow of having to wait another year.

Today I replaced these two well-worn colanders with one sturdy one. Lately there's been a pattern wherein I am ready to offload something, a duplicate of its kind is not far behind. I have my suspicions of why this is occurring, but for today, I'd like to present these two colanders in the evergrowing pile o' things that have overstayed their welcome.

Perhaps making available a tool that separates water from that which floats therein on this day is an auspicious offering for the boy and girl who may be drowning in the Milky Way this very night.
Everybody in the Galaxy loves a good Hollywood ending.

There's no rain tonight.

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