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B.I.C. - bulk, item, collection

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Originally uploaded by looseid

Chair frame - butterfly
Mannequin leg.

Hollow door
Wooden shutters
Jolly green Santa.

Twice a year, residents of SF are allowed to have oversized items picked up at the curb.

You make an appointment, have up to 10 items out by 6:30 that morning and it goes to some magical resting place to be recycled or properly disposed.

This is my bulk item pick up haiku
(And please don't count the syllables.)

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  1. Inflatable boat
    Made Kana embarrassed
    Had gone

    (My 7-word haiku) KVision

  2. I'm making this my debut comment. I'm an eager reader of your blog and have thought to comment many times in the past, but today is the day. Why? Because it brings me immeasurable joy to see that you are disposing of that mannequin leg.