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Tuesday - Food coma

By 12:26 AM

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I made a feast for the family tonight. I picked up a cut of ribeye that would make any grill blush. It was a 2 inch thick grassfed beef @ $22/lb. I hardly ever, rarely buy beef, but this was the gem to buy for our special dinner.

First course, their favorite, hearts of romaine.
I LOVE listening to the crispy, watery, cores being chomped to oblivion. The girls are merciless.

Main course, meat.
I let the steak marinade in a garlic/oil mixture with fresh black pepper and kosher salt to taste. It was seared in the heated cast iron to rare beauty.

Veg sides
Swiss chard, cheddar cauliflower, Italian sweet pepper, yellow and green patty-pan squash with ginger. All farmstand fresh.

And steamed brown rice.

Dessert - although Bootsie would beg to disagree, Bibi dug it.
Fresh strawberries.

A. and M. joined us and it turned out to be a really warm and great evening. They wanted to be with her.

The dogs are snoring now and I'm in a trance. I'm beyond total exhaustion; the late night espresso didn't stand a chance. I've laid down all the cushions from the sofa and we're having a sleepover. I suspect we'll sleep really well tonight. I'm halfway there. Sex and the City, the movie, is on. Thank god, something to keep me distracted for at least two and a half hours.

Bibi moved around the most in her wheels tonight. In fact, she couldn't stand still. She smelled that steak and was motivated like I haven't seen her, to track its XY coordinates. She even did a little twirl. We all shared the same menu but I finished last. It's no surprise that food isn't filling me up today.

I called Dr. James to confirm tomorrow. If I wait till next Monday that's six more days of today and I never want to repeat today again.

We're sending off Bibi belly full, hopeful, showered with kisses and drowning in love. I'm going to live to regret that Bootsie has now got a taste for choice cuts.

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  1. my heart goes out to kana, hope ur doing okay!;)

  2. you are such a darn good writer it's unbelievable!