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Packaged Enlightenment

By 11:58 PM

Package of Enlightenment
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Renée asked me about meditation. She was seeking calm and clarity in her life.

I told her that meditation is the simplest yet single most difficult activity in which I've partaken.

She told me that her friend knew someone who teaches people how to properly meditate for $350 and was considering lessons.

I told her that meditation is the simplest yet single most difficult activity in which I've partaken for free.

Renée is out of work and worried about money. Spending $350 to quiet her mind right now is like going to Mavericks to learn how to surf. It's best to leave challenges out of an already tough program. Why stack the odds against yourself.

"Maybe you could borrow a book about meditating from the library or observe others in their stillness at the Buddhist temple near your house," I suggested.

She admitted that there were cheaper alternatives to consider. We left it at that.

Then, I woke up this morning with the thought of a Christmas gift I received but had forgotten about. It was a Meditation Kit. I never opened it, because I hadn't any faith that I could obtain "nothingness" while scrolling through a DVD menu and reading an instruction manual. But perhaps, Renée might be up for the task.

I had in my possession, today, the very thing that my friend pointedly asked for yesterday.

Let's say you had a friend who was searching high and low for a garden gnome around 2 feet tall with a gap-tooth smile that reminded him of his grandfather. This is what you would call a precise order. (As I understand in the metaphysical world, the Universe prefers precision over vague requests.)

The next day, you go to fetch a ladder in the shed and past the cobwebs you come face to face with a knee-high garden gnome you had long forgotten about. You also notice its uncanny resemblance to Ernest Borgnine; when the Universe fills a precise order, but delivers it to the wrong address, you have but one action to take, and that is to redirect it to the rightful owner.

Renée accepted the Meditation Kit with surprised delight and saved $350. After all one man's character actor could be another man's reigning patriarch.

Clearly, the grass is greener on the other side for some garden ornaments.


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  1. Yes, I agree the meditation is the simplest activity.
    Make it your habit, and it won't be difficult.