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July turned out to be quite an ass-kicker, I must say.

I began this project with a general idea of my objective. However, I told myself that I wouldn't share the project with anybody until I knew that I could keep at it for one month.

Then Bibi died and that nudged my unveiling of the project prematurely. Not only that, her death upped the ante and I was suddenly able to let go of what had been for years an immovable burden of clutter, with great ease. I was now fully committed to Project Hot Air Balloon. The kicker, I was also having fun. While I may have skipped some days and wrote double entries on others, I safely made it past my first month's goal.

When climbing a tree, your hand must let go of one branch in order to grab the next one. It became clear to me that when I released Bibi, she gave me this project to hold onto as a final gift. I plan to hold onto this little world with all my might because it gives me inexplicable amount of hope. No doubt, there will come a day when this, too, I will release, in exchange for the next branch.

Project Hot Air Balloon is a long title with a growing catalog of photos that accompanies it. When organizing the photos, I use its acronym for brevity. Until now, I gave very little thought that it actually sounded out how I feel.

August, here I come.

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  1. Congratulations, Kana.

    Besides, your vocabulary, expressions, and good thinking impressed me.

    Keep moving. KV