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Hardwood, linoleum, tile and stone. They are all surfaces that Bibi had grown to fear in the last year. With degenerative myelopathy the nerves fail and sensation in those limbs no longer can detect what's under foot. This makes it all the more likely that you'll fall, drag, and slip when employing the involved limb.

I suspect it's comparable to how novacaine renders your face senseless. You can't control movement, and you can't feel poking or prodding, which is why a drill can hammer away at your jawbone and all you could do is wear a drool-filled grin. The upside is that when all feeling goes, so does pain.

The house was strategically paved with non-skid surfaces so that Bibi could "follow the yellow brick road" from point A to B. She used them like stepping stones in a land of peril. I purchased remnants that could be easily cleaned, showed little wear and was none too valuable that it couldn't be easily replaced. I'll be honest, this was not a design coup, but a necessary evil. I hated how it looked and further hated why it had to be there. But Bibi and I trusted and relied on them just the same to keep her travels safe.

These remnants have now completed their task. It chronicles a long good bye and each stain retells an episode of aging that I wish put to rest. So today I rolled them up, bound them with tape and with Bibi's blessing tossed them squarely in the garbage.

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