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2-4-1 coffee grinder

By 8:21 PM ,

Two more veteran workers laid off during these challenging times.

A 22-year old Italian worker with perfect attendance and consistent performance, and a German worker into his 6th year of employment, were swiftly replaced by a young and ambitious burr mill from Australia.

Insiders initially expected a takeover by Baratza, as they have decades of history on their side in the coffee industry. However, this powerhouse boasts larger capacity at this phase of growth and to quote Paula Abdul, brings with him "a promise of a new day".

The executives have been planning to ramp up capacity for the past few years. Corporate analysts predict that in the near future they will aggressively venture into industrial machinery and high-octane espresso beverages. Breville should effortlessly bridge the past into the next evolution of coffee consumption in headquarters.

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