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I've decided to be a little more systematic about this project. There are rooms that I use every day, like the kitchen or living room, so I'm going to concentrate in these two locations for the month of August. I'm sweating a tad bit that the month is half way through. But that's not going to discourage me.

I've tackled a seemingly innocuous fixture today - the key hook.

There I identified keys that I definitely need and then there were keys that I no longer needed. For example, I had a set of keys to my Jeep Cherokee that was stolen over three years ago.

And then there were keys to locks I couldn't recognize or recall. This, surprisingly, was the biggest category. Who's house keys are these? What padlock would this unlock.Whuuht does this open? I should just toss, but I'm placing them in purgatory for another month. If I cannot recall any of the above responses, in they go into the trash.

And then there were rabies dog tags from years past that I never put on either of my dogs' collar. I had to call the vet and ID which pet and for what year they were issued - both expired. I should be thankful that there were no flesh-tearing incidents at the dog park.

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  1. I have your house key.
    Is it still useful, or have you changed?

    Let me know… before October.