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lemon poppyseed bread
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8.9.89. - 8.9.09

Today is the 20th memorial of my mother's passing. Every year since 1989 I've honored her life by buying a plant. She passionately loved flowers, so this was a very appropriate way to remember her. Ultimately, at the end of my life, I will leave behind a garden of plants that will live on and flourish on both of our behalf.

This tradition started with a kind of romantic notion. But, the problem with this tradition is that I set myself up each year to the challenge of being a green thumb. I did OK some years, but I have also unabashedly wasted numerous species under my care (or lack thereof). [Film of Choice about a gardener: Being There: Hal Ashby]

The irony of killing something as you're honoring life is just plain maddening. And while my mother may no longer be holding me to her high standards in the afterlife, thereby not able to show disdain or sigh audibly, this daughter does not need the sort of responsibility or disappointment in her earthbound life.

So, after two decades, I've decided to take the tradition in a new direction, or at least mix it up a bit.

Less planting, more baking. I embrace this new tradition that doesn't require watering.

Bon appetit, mama.

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  1. Are those black dots poppy seeds?
    Looks delicious.

    Mama would like it better than a plant.

  2. Yes! It was the best lemon poppy seed bread that I've ever baked.