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Originally uploaded by looseid

I have eight potholders...and only two hands.

My poorly-designed kitchen can effectively allow one chef and maybe an intrepid (and tiny) sous chef. I wouldn't encourage more than one piping hot vessel in this airspace anyway. Therefore this surplus of potholders must be corrected.

Not only that, I often grab a kitchen towel instead of a proper potholder. I'm keeping three (the red ones are easier to spot on a crowded counter) and donate the five white ones.

I'm a little sad to let go of the top two white ones, because the burn marks remind me of Michael and our dept. meals he cooked during POH. He tossed the potholders on the burner after cooking lunch one day. It instantly caught on fire because he forgot to turn the burner off, or thought he did because of those damn electric coils. Building management did not allow gas stoves because they thought electric was safer. Well, he showed them - all it takes is a slow cooling coil and one potholder made of non fire-retardent fabric.

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