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TV Japan

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TV Japan
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Premium channels are notorious rabbit holes.

You stumble upon wondrous programming from which you gain valuable knowledge that makes you a better human being. If not that, you're entertained far beyond what's available to the poor slobs who hadn't wised up to how deprived they truly are without paying more each month for it. Hell, I was once a poor slob too.

However, because you pay extra for these services, once you get them, you can't get enough of it. Then you escalate to absorbing as much on-air treasures to make it "worth it". Somewhere in there, the quota changes from quality titles to purely how many hours you're clocking in on that channel. TV (cable or not) is a drug. It hooks you, reels you in and you're effectively caught in the web of illusion.

Anyway, with Tivo and I on the brink, and my pure disdain for the cable bills, terms, quality, I'm slowly paring down my options. No doubt I will return to the subscription someday, but for now, I must reset before doing so. It's like swimming a lap in the Olympic pool. You have to touch that wall at the other end before turning back around. Life is like a never-ending swim meet.

When I came home today and clicked on the channel where there once was a portal to the other side, I found myself denied complete access - NOT AUTHORIZED. But I can't say I didn't feel relief.

The last show I caught on this channel Sunday night, cited a medical paper about how you're more likely to get gallstones if you watch a lot of TV (because you're indirectly not exercising during that time). That's not really why I canceled my subscription, but it did make me question how I'm spending my time if my TV is warning me about watching TV.

If Groucho Marx doesn't want to belong to a club that would have him, then I certainly don't want to belong to a club that says not to join all the same.

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