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22 chopsticks

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22 chopsticks
Originally uploaded by looseid

Chinese, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, oh, and of course, Japanese. Each one of those take-outs arrived with a pair of chopsticks.

Today I went through my chopstick "vase", where I stick all of my chopsticks, both fancy (lacquer) and street (raw pine or bamboo), after they've been washed and dried. It was getting too crowded in there.

This proved to be a quick and easy task. I took out all of the "disposable" sticks and additionally whichever ones missing a mate.

I had 22 sticks in my hand. Nice even number.
But three of them did not have a mate. Don't know how that happened. But it's just like the lost sock phenomenon in the laundry. You do the math.

I'm not going to lose sleep over this one. But right before they all went in the trash, I figured to recycle these sticks in my garden as stakes for the wee plants.

Today, the 22 take-out chopsticks in this picture were taken out of the picture and given a bigger plan.

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