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breakfast cupcake

By 1:14 AM

breakfast cupcake
Originally uploaded by looseid

My friend called it a "french toast cupcake" and gave it to me. I prefer to call it a breakfast cupcake.

It's a muffin-y moist cake base with a fluffy buttercream frosting topped off with shards of crisp bacon.

There's a growing trend in the desert/chocolate industry to mix savory in with the sweet. Salted caramels are a hit. Chocolate covered pretzels have always been my fave. Thumbs up on kettle corn. However, there's a few invaders who are a little overzealous on the savory and end up spoiling the sweet. New ice cream joint Humphrey Slocomb features iced flavors with a hint of salt and pepper, prosciutto, and olive oil. The jury's out on those. However, I did enjoy the secret breakfast (bourbon and cornflake) and black sesame.

Anyway, the review on this cupcake is that the cake was excellent. Frosting was a little too whipped butter-like and while the bacon delicious, when you put them all together, it was unimpressive and could not overcome the gimmick. I must admit that I ate it almost on a dare, but I think I would have been happier with a single strip of bacon, no cupcake underneath.

The poetic punchline is that this artery clogging wonder was being sold at a bake sale to raise money for the American Heart Association.

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