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incense holes

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incense holes
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My daily incense offering has been toppling at best. The holes where you insert the sticks have been filling up with ash, resin and unburnt stubs for years. So, they don't go in as deep to be stable and frankly I have been concerned about a possible fire-starter living amongst us.

You want to avoid anything that's top-heavy with flame atop. Safety first.

So, this AM I decided to clean the holes once and for all. My work was cut out for me. It actually took about 20 plus minutes even armed with a needle, toothpick and sheer will.

As my needle finally reached the bottom of the cast iron dish, I could hear the dull scraping slowing transition into a rhythmic metallic ring. I tapped the dish onto a brick each time and jostle the dust out of the four holes. It would leave four little piles of incense past smiling up at me. This was more satisfying than an archeological dig, not that I've even been on one.

Afterward, I polished the dish and offered an incense each for my mother, Gert and Bibi. This time, instead of the sticks going this way and that way sitting only a slight 1/8" into the hole, they went in deep past a 1/2" mark and sat squarely like they belonged and meant business.

Hey, it's the little things on a lazy Sunday morning.


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  1. Try this.

    Collect ashes from burnt incense. When ashes are accumulated up to sufficient amount, dump it into a ceramic bowl. Stick and stand new incense into ash, and burn it. Forget about digging tiny holes.

    If you have no patience collecting ashes, I will give you some when I see you.