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ladybug, alive

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ladybug, alive
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This morning I came face to face with this little guy. I don't know why, but lately, insects are finding their way into the house and literally hanging around the curtains. Last week it was a grasshopper and this week a ladybug. They are both beneficial insects in the garden, who feast on pests, so I'm not in the least big bothered.

They are both deemed auspicious by a multitude of cultures. This I fully embrace and expect to be true.

I love ladybugs. When I was six and living in LA, I had a laydbug pet named Tipsy. I kept her in a plastic box with some fauna as decor. I'm sure she wasn't fooled for a second. I carried her around everywhere I went. The cube was actually a clear acrylic box about 1 inch cubed and a lid with a magnifying lens on top. This was not the best habitat for Tipsy, but kids don't know better. I can't recall how long she stuck around, but I really adored her perfectly round and shiny body.

Also, as a child I believed all ladybugs were girls. This obviously is a fallacy, for if that were the case, there'd be no ladybug offspring. So now as an adult, I try to refer to them as "he" to tip the scale back for all those years of mistaken gender assignment.

Today I have an appointment with an appraiser back here during my lunch hour. He's going to see what this house is worth so the bank can lend me money so I can breathe more easily.

Listen, little ladybug, I'm counting on you to bring the property value up, way up.

But why the curtain...

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