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woven containers

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woven containers
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I finally found them. The baskets. The containers that collect little tchotchkes and knick-knacks because they usually come in nesting S-M-L sizes. If you're a Goldilocks hoarder, these containers are dangerous, as they suggest and not dictate what they house. They give you hope, but don't necessarily deliver. It's up to you to decide how to use them.

Buttons, change, paperclips, cotton swabs, keys for the small.

Jewelry, pens, tape, compact, watches, tissue packs for the medium.

Remote controls, tools, notepad, handkerchief for the large.

You collect them like acquaintances. They're harmless and undemanding, but you don't gain anything by having a lot around either.

I went to IKEA with Vanessa the other week and she picked up these exact baskets. I told her that I have a set at home and I'd give them to her. I love it when that happens. It's like finding the corner piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Snap. You have now brought together two things that
belong to each other.

Sure enough, when I found the baskets in the basement, they contained a random collection of this and that; until I emptied the contents therein, everything was out of sight out of mind.

These containers are so unhelpful because they look and act nice on shelf, but you can't see what's in it, so it's the equivalent of shoving everything in the closet and closing the door.

Today I gave Vanessa the set and not only are they out of sight, but they're out of the house and out of mind. I have no idea what she intends to put inside, but she was so happy to get them. Twas a successful matchmaking indeed.

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  1. Good. As you said to me before, "Less is More."
    But, don't you miss them? Hope you don't.

  2. Indeed. They now house my infinate amount of hair-ties, cotton swabs and random rocks found on walks. I have to say, they do go unnoticed at times along with their contents, but I seize to forget who gave them to me. Thanks, Kana!