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back of piano - before
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Soundproofing in an old Victorian.

It's necessary if you're practically sharing a wall with your neighbor.

And you have hardwood floors.

And you want to play scales and finger exercises for hours.

But my piano tuner said that the solution can be simple. Get some foam and pad the pockets in the back of the piano.

Simple doesn't always equal easy. In fact simple is usually the most difficult of tasks to accomplish.

The good news was that I had half of a memory foam mattress pad in my basement. Don't ask.

The bad news was that I got a yen to go forward with this project and no Samoan piano mover within screaming range. I needed a big bad mover guy who I can feed and complete transaction fair and square.

Well, where there's a will, there's a way.

I dragged the mattress pad up the stairs and stared at the piano.

It looked about the right size.

I rolled up my sleeves and took a deep breath. HMMMMMPPH!!!!!

I swung (and by swung, I mean dragged like a dumpster filled with sand.) the piano on an axis. I squeezed into the wedge created between the instrument and the wall.

BINGO. The foam could not have been cut to size more perfectly. I had enough. It just needed to be segmented into quarters. Easy.

I got my box cutter out and started slicing. I'm not embarrassed to say that I sliced my middle finger in the process. I was going at the piece like I was clearing a wheat field. I was bound to hurt myself during this project somehow. A piano, blade, anxious energy and no adult supervision. I'm lucky that nothing more happened.

The beauty with working with foam is that you can eye things and the squidgy material conforms to your destined vision.

I pressed the strips of foam into the cavity. As I was about to swing the piano back into its original position, I thought twice. I ought to secure the foam so I don't ever have to move this piano unassisted again.

It's not an elegant solution, but most backsides aren't.

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