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I don't have a photo for this post since the object in question was taken from me prematurely and now sits at the bottom of the San Francisco Bay. In fact, it happened right as I was approaching Alcatraz on a catamaran that carried 17 of my closest friends and family members. I had invited them all along on a cruise around the bay to surprise my father for his 80th birthday. The surprise went on without a hitch and I was feeling pretty good about things. It was a gorgeous fall day.

A catamaran is a stable vessel by virtue of it having two hulls touching the water, like a set of water skis, as opposed to the sailboat that teeters on a single hull. Anyway, between the two contact points, there's a webbed area that bridges over the water, like a trampoline. It's a safe and secure area on which you can stand, sit or lay down. Nonetheless, it is webbed, so there are gaps into which smaller objects, like a cell phone, keys, cameras can easily slip through.

Seconds before I decided to step onto this webbing with my friend, Mina, I zipped up my windbreaker pocket so that nothing would fall out. Check.

But as my short-term memory has continuously proven itself to be just that, as soon as I caught a brisk gust of wind, I instinctively zipped down that closed pocket to shove my fingers in for warmth. Well, in order to balance on the over-the-water trampoline, nanoseconds later, like a true schizophrenic, I whipped my hands out like quickdraw McGraw and stabilized myself. I then plopped down on the webbing without a care and proceeded to enjoy the blue sky above, the smooth glide beneath, the company beside me, and the open pockets, what was soon to be a very empty pocket on my person.

As I lay on that webbing taking in the joyous excursion, I lightly patted down my pockets. And I distinctly remember saying to myself, when all I felt was my waist and nothing in between, wow, I just dropped my phone in the water. These are discovery moments reserved for other such dumbass moves, like right before you lock yourself out of the house/car. You see the door slowly, but surely closing the gap of opportunity and simultaneously shoving your face into the reality of how dumb and helpless you can feel in your own slow-mo movie.

Oddly enough, I remained quite calm. I turned to Mina and said, "I dropped my phone in the water."
And she said, "What!? I thought I felt something drop, I did!"
Then, I laughed.
Those around me heard what happened, and they seemed more shocked by the incident than I.
I mean, what can I do?

The captain warned us before we took off to "hold onto to your hat, 'cause I ain't going back for it." I'm sure that applied to cell phones as well, especially since they're much quicker to sink.

However, if you ask my friend Phil, he would say, "there are no accidents". This singular event of losing my phone has opened up an entirely new world of possibilities for which I've been longingly waiting. Not only a few days ago, I seriously considered upgrading my outdated phone, but couldn't quite justify it. I hate replacing something that's still working. So in order for me to do so, the phone had to either break or disappear. Well, in a single moment, I accomplished both.

Nothing could spoil what was happening today on that Adventure Cat. I was already with everybody that I wanted to call that day. The phone loss was so miniscule compared to having pulled off a successful birthday surprise for the most important person in my life. I couldn't stop chuckling about what I had done and was even prepared to be in shock once the realization had sunken in, no pun intended. But it never did sink in. At least not the way that it normally would have. Plus, my non-chalance gave everybody else a free ride to laugh with me. I'd like to consider that a gift.

The biggest blessing was that of the two pockets that were at risk, I'm glad I leaned to the left pocket when I landed, because my keys, car and home, were in the right pocket. I would have not been laughing if they were lost at sea. Not even by a longshot.

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