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"I'll go to the Apple store with you, " I told Dino.

He had to exchange a printer and I suspected that I needed to replace my keyboard that was recently waterlogged. Plus, I needed to get out of the house.

When the first storm of the season hit two nights ago I discovered in the most obnoxious way that I have a leaky roof right above all of my expensive electronic componentry. Luckily, I was working in another room the day before so my laptop was unscathed, but the keyboard that got left behind looked like some wild animal came and pissed all over it.

"I need a new keyboard." I added.
"I have one. I'll give it to you. It's brand new. Never used."

I knew that he just bought a new computer that morning for the store, so I sort of got it, but I didn't quite understand why he wouldn't want the keyboard. Without going into details of the wheeling and dealing, at the end of the transaction, Dino ended up wtih two new keyboards and one of which he didn't need, therefore superfluous, therefore belonged to me now.

I love it when one man's trash becomes another woman's treasure. Last week I was able to help him out in time of need and this week he has repaid me.

It pays to pay it forward, kids.

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