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radio alarm

By 10:05 PM

radio alarm
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I've been waking up with a gigantic headache lately. Piercing. Throbbing. Focused, pain. This is not a good way to begin the day. And I think I traced it back to my radio alarm a few days ago.

For as long as I can recall, I've awakened to the radio. I detest waking up to the obnoxious mating call of an alarm. MEEP MEEP!! Like a heartless roadrunner speeding through my ear canal. I wake up angry. I much rather prefer music or the calm proclamations of commercial-free radio.

However, lately, the world events have been nothing but dismal. I know that this is nothing new, but it's finally getting to me. The silver cube on my bedside table has conveniently dubbed itself the Dream Machine, but an hour of taking in news of Afghanistan, layoffs, environmental devastation, political corruption, terrorism plots, systematic rape, bankruptcy, housing crisis, and natural disaster as the handrail into the waking state has been more like the Doom Machine.

Coincidentally, the very news program that reports the daily fall of Western Civilization, actually delivered the news yesterday that people, high school students, to be exact, are sleeping 2 fewer hours a day than they used to 10 years ago. This, incidentally, leads to higher stress and shorter life spans. In order to have quality, healthy sleep, one must wake naturally, without the use of alarms or anything artificial.

So, I'm going to try an alarm fast. What I know about myself is that for as long as I've been waking up to radio, I've also been consistently waking up a minute or two BEFORE the actual radio sounds. So, if I my alarm is set to 6:15, I usually wake up around 6:13.

I had a friend years ago, Louis, who never used an alarm clock. He told me that he'd say to himself right before going to bed that he needed to wake up at 7am (or whatever time necessary), and manage to do so every single time. He's one of the most prompt friends I ever had. I worked with him and he was never late, maybe even always early.

We'll soon see how this little experiment works.

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