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paint tools
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Dino stopped by on a whim today. He's opening up a bookstore in my hood and he and the boys were painting the floor. The task should take all weekend.

After we caught up some over iced barley tea, Dino was on his merry way to pick up missing painting provisions at the sto'. He was glad Center Hardware was open on Saturdays now. I told him that there was an attempted robbery there the other night. Some hooligans continuously rammed the roll up shutter in their car to break through to steal whatever they could grab. Well, the attempted robbery was just that, an attempt. But the damage to the property was nonetheless extensive. But they were still open for business. Except for the fact that they close at 4PM on Saturdays and it was 4:01.

He doesn't want to go into downtown traffic, nor to his neighborhood where parking is scarce, and the look he gave me when I mentioned driving out to a home improvement superstore shut me up.

That's when I ran down to the basement where all things out of sight, out of mind reside, and emerged with two rollers, two rolls and an extension pole. Even put it all neatly in a shopping bag.

I got him what he needed and at last started to chip away at the basement iceberg.
Two very special tasks accomplished.

Do you need help out to your car, sir?

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  1. Obviously, dear pilot, you see it this way: "A friend in need is a friend indeed." You always have something to give. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Big hug, Dino.

  2. Makes me giddy to think that anything in my basement can be useful.