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home insecurity

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I had hesitations. Can it be done without a land line. Would it involve an upgrade. How much has the rate gone up since I last checked.

Gotta make a phone call. That's the first step.
It's taken me over a year.

7 years ago I canceled my home security service after tenants moved in, because of two reasons.
One technical - It required an upgrade.
One operational - My tenants were not technically savvy nor confident.

But since their departure last year, I've wanted to make current my home security on all levels. Fire, theft, all else. I've simply been too lazy and have dragged my feet on this one.

One phone call changed all. It turns out that no, I don't need a land line, check. The upgrade is minor, check. And finally, the rates haven't gone up significantly. I scheduled a tech to visit today.

He was young, technically adept, and efficient. Not only did he hook me up, he made a few suggestions that altered my home network so significantly that I no longer have a laser printer in my dining room, and my modem resides at the center of the house rather than in a remote location (incompetent Comcast fools) where the frequency was weakened.

He asked me if I wanted my cable cut to exact length. He says he does that with all appliances now because he's in the trade and can do so. That way there's no cord garble.

"What happens if you move things around." I asked.

"I just make more to suit that new setup." he said.

What a sensible answer.

I am indeed armed and ready. Thanks, Dean.

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