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terra cotta

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terra cotta
Originally uploaded by looseid

These were about to go out onto the sidewalk. It's not good to have empty containers lying around, they say in Feng Shui. It only signifies emptiness and the need to fill a void.

Just a few feet away I had a planter full of succulents that were growing and pushing each other out like commuters on a subway car.

And in another corner of the front porch was a can of silver latex paint that I've been meaning to take to recycling. It's probably at least 10 years old and god knows the condition of paint of such vintage.

But then a dim light bulb went off near my weekend brain.

I pried open the can of paint and it didn't look good. So I got a stirrer and stirred for a good five minutes. Not bad.

Then I hopped over to the planter housing the sardine like plants.

I lined up the terra cotta planters, some chipped and all different sizes.

What the hell. Let's just give a coat of silver paint and see where the day takes you.

It was a low-key project that set a particularly low standard. If I get anything out of this, it's a win, because all of these items were going to get hauled off the grounds anyway.

Check it out.

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