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"How do you eat an elephant."
"One bite at a time."

I hated this joke when I first heard it as a kid, because I knew nobody ate elephants. Besides, I love elephants, so I wouldn't eat them if that were acceptable.

A lot happened this month. Some very big things. I started to make a bigger production about posting each update. As a result none have seen the light of day. Coupled with the fact that I was in complete denial about it being November and that it was blazing by, when I realized that I had only published two postings this month, I panicked. I felt weighed down by my own epic expectations; besides, I couldn't fathom anybody else caring. Time to scale things back, K.

When I came across these tiny batteries last night, I was reminded of the initial catalyst for this blog.

Remove obstacles, lighten the load and move forward.
Do not create/find/place new obstacles, especially amidst removal.

Sure, it makes sense. But so does sobriety when you're an alcoholic. Yet another reminder that the simple tasks are the hardest to carry out.

The moment you take your eye off the road, you will yield naturally to the curves and pitfalls ahead. You could veer into darkness or take a wrong turn. And then you're lost. Yup, I'm pretty sure this time I drove into a ditch.

My watch had stopped earlier this month. Last night I was rummaging through my jewelry box for a battery that I'd spotted a while back. I figured if I'd kept it, it must have some life in it. Why else would anybody with common sense keep a battery? And the fact that they're in my jewelry box linked their use back to an accessory. Well, when I opened my watch to replace the battery I saw that it was not the correct size. In fact, it wasn't even a battery for a watch.

What else would take such a teeny battery. Why would I have so many of them. After spinning my mind's rolodex in search for responses, I suddenly remembered that they were batteries for blinking lights my dogs wore on their collars during nighttime walks to alert drivers of their presence.

Safety is good. But this was not safety. This was dumb. First off, those lights broke about a month after use. Seven years ago. The batteries weren't dead, so I kept them. WHY? Anyway, by now, after seven years, they must be dead. But I wouldn't know because I no longer have any device with which to test. On and on the madness unfolds.

Remove dead batteries. Reset. Restart.

This is what I'm doing with myself. I've slipped this entire month and I knew that I had to start small again.

I still have a good solid month and change left for 2009. I will get back on that wagon, or in this case, hot air balloon.(Too many vehicular metaphors.) Anyway it makes sense because I'm trying to MOVE forward. I will give myself two rules until I'm back to speed again, purging, unlearning old habits, picking up new ones, good ones that finally stick and once again lift me up.

Rule #1: Keep it small. Don't get cocky.
Rule #2: But post at least every day.

Forty days remaining, three tiny batteries, one elephantoid obstacle removed, one bite at a time.

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