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insurance bill

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insurance bill
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July 2007
I slipped and fell in the tub. The claw-foot tub hardware dug a hole the diameter of a pencil into my heel.

One simple Tetanus shot and a week later, I learn that Blue Shield decided to stick me with a large bill.

I chose to not pay it.

August 2008
One calendar year later, after many frustrating phone calls and letters, Blue Shield finally paid the entire amount.

Of the insurance company's many errors in this episode, the one that hurt them the most was that instead of sending the check to the clinic, they sent the check to me. Naturally, I cashed the check and wrote a personal check to the clinic. Or so, I should have, but didn't.

More pressing needs somehow gobbled up that check and now the hustler was being hustled. I was not proud of this, but my hands were tied; the money was no longer there to move.

November 2009
Two years later, and much to my surprise, I haven't yet been sued or even so much as gotten an angry phone call. In fact, the only bills I get are infrequent and civilized; none of which are sent from collection. But in a certain light, if you squint, you can detect a finger wag or two between the lines.

But finally, today, I paid it all in full. It was not my money to keep. And because of the services rendered, I can still hoof it on both feet.

It may have taken a while, but it was time to do what's right.

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