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kitchen towels

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kitchen towels
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There were too many kitchen towels in the drawer. I don't like to toss things that are still perfectly functional, but I had to come up with a way to separate the excess.

It was fairly simple. I chose all towels that had designs printed on them to donate and keep only the ones that are either solid color (preferably white) or those with patterns structurally woven into the towel. I have a miniscule logic backing up this decision. Any of the towels with printing on it is more likely to "shed" their design over year of use. And while it's not harmful ink, I don't like the idea that it's happening around food. I admit, it's a weak argument, considering all of the other contaminants floating about in the air, but I'm afraid this is the textile designer coming out in me and I'm sticking to this rule.

Sometimes you only have straws to grasp.

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