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non-stick pan

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non-stick pan
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I recently read that expensive non-stick pans are not any better than inexpensive ones. Simply because the surface degrades and one must inevitably replace the pan. Heck, you're lucky if it lasts a few years. We're not talking about passing down these pans for generations like cast iron or enamel, where the more you use it, the better it's seasoned. The more you use your non-stick pans, the more quickly it meets its demise.

If used at extreme heat, the pan produces PTFE, a toxic by-product. The latest craze is none other than a green non-stick pan. (There's usually a green leaf on the package.) Of course it is more expensive and they'll still degrade. Besides, 99% of the professional kitchens out there still are using your basic non-stick, at extreme heat, I might add. So try regulating that. And once the original surface is compromised, it just plainly ruins your food.

Scratched and old has indeed proven ineffective.
Thirty-nine more days to go.

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