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windshield crack

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windshield hole
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A little rock flicked off of my windshield as I drove down 280. Pretty sure that it was from the pick up truck driving ahead of me.

What happens when the damage is far greater than a crack the size of a peach pit and you must continue to fly down a freeway at 70ish miles an hour? I think about these things a lot. Especially because I see some crazy shit on the freeway. Sure, there are the occasional mattresses, where the driver underestimated the power of air, and overestimated the power of his knot. I've seen television sets, armchairs, lawn chairs, tires, car seats, washing machines in the middle of the highway. One time I saw a dog scoot across 6 lanes of traffic, hop over the median and continue to cross the opposing 6 lanes of traffic and actually make it to the other side alive. He continued on into the grassy hills and became a dot as we crawled @ 20mph. He's probably better off on his own, if the owner is dumb enough to pull over and let him slip away like that.

But how do you dodge a TV that falls off from the car in front of you. I guess that's how major pile-ups could occur.

Well, this time, it was just a plink and there was a tiny sunburst no larger than a quarter on my windshield. My friend's husband told me about the time a little rock hit his windshield and without any warning, the entire windshield pulverized in front of his eyes as the light turned green. He had to continue on with his neck craned out of the window to see where he was headed, covered in glass.

That was when he told me that the insurance company will fill that crack for free. I think it was a mild warning to me that I should take care of it before I have to drive home with my head popping out of the window like a goofy dog.

I called my insurance company and sure enough, this was one thing that my policy covered which wasn't going to affect my premium. Hallelujah. The guy even came to my house with a small generator and popped a resin capsule into what looked like a hand sander and suction cupped the device to my windshield. The entire process took 20 minutes.

Now I see nothing but blue sky.

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  1. Have you seen YouTube of dog roaming around freeway, and other dog saved him/her?

    In Michigan, we have seen many dead animals, including deer, on the freeway. We haven't seen much frig or mattress here.