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doggie diaper

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doggie diaper
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If wearing adult diapers can't put you in an early grave, I don't know what else in this world could. This was probably the straw that broke my Bibi's back this summer.

After years of regal and poised disposition, to be outfitted with possibly the most humiliating accoutrement in a living being's history, necessary or not, homo sapien or otherwise, thrust Bibi deep into helplessness and self-loathing from which she never recovered. I can safely say that I have not and I wasn't even wearing them.

I tried a single pair on Bibi the weekend she had a bout of non-stop shooting diarrhea. This is not something I would wish upon anybody (both cause and effect). First and foremost, it's so counter-intuitive to try to contain leakage by wearing a diaper that actually has a hole around the orifice in question to accommodate the tail. And even if it were contained, which it failed magnificently to do, why would that be a good sensation, carrying around liquified waste pressed up against you.

After one round I realized that this is only useful if incontinence of the first kind were an issue, not the second. Further still, at the cost of utter indignation.

I put them aside that day, never to consider them an option for my aging companion.

As I cleaned out the broom closet today I came across the nearly full package of X-large diapers with this clueless beagle with a maniacal grin pushing the product. There is no way that such an expression would appear across any of god's creature's face, while sporting a pair of paper bloomers, but without the help of Photoshop.

I will donate the remaining 11 counts reluctantly to my veterinarian's office this weekend and hope that it will help somebody with an ailing animal - although I'd just as soon let things flow au naturel and buy stock in disinfectant and paper towels.

My apologies too all dogs that must suffer the consequence of man's idea of cleanliness at the expense of your dignity.

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