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Gibbons at Play, Tianzi Mountain 1985

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Gibbons at Play, Tianzi Mountain 1985
Originally uploaded by looseid

Today, I finally picked up this beautiful print from my equally lovely friend Ruth Silverman. She was having a private sale last month and this print caught my eye. Actually, it was in circulation once before, but I wasn't in a place to purchase art, so that was that. Sometimes it takes a second look to see something for the first time.

I love the lilting movement of the gibbons and the Chinese brush painting like shades of grey. Because I was born in the year of the monkey, I feel especially entitled about coveting this piece.

The artist is Don Hong-Oai, and I was able to find out more about him from Elizabeth Avedon's blog. Thank you for letting me stumble into your world, Elizabeth.

As I rid my life of things, floorspace and walls are opening themselves up for new inhabitants.

Today, a single sheet of watercolor paper that weighs barely an ounce moved in and effortlessly filled the vacancy left behind by a couple hundred pounds of donations to Goodwill of yesterday.

A fair exchange, I'd say.

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