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I was walking around the Alameda Flea Market with Mishan and Nealan today looking for nothing in particular. As the pilot of Project Hot Air Balloon, I'm very aware that this is a dicey activity in which to engage myself. There's no room in my life for other people's junk when I'm still negotiating through my own. But it was more of a social event - catch up with friends, people-watch, observe buying/selling techniques, gain perspective about what junk/treasure is in our culture and general social anthropology.

Nealan was looking to furnish her new abode. Mishan was there to help because she has a good eye; plus, she very much enjoys the food stands. I, on the other hand, need nothing, as I have two or more of everything. So the cop inside my tiny brain was flagging me on, "Nothing to see here. Keep moving." Additionally, I implored Mishan to "not let me buy anything."

Mishan is particularly advanced in keeping only what she needs in her life and moving things out as soon as they become superfluous. She's always refining and redefining her life that way. As a result, she can pick up and join whatever adventure calls. In fact, last month, she landed a coveted floor seat at the Kodak Theater for the CNN Heroes Tribute. This was an A-list event and without any trickery or sorcery, she attended. This is an example of one of the many opportunities she invites into her life as a result of, I believe, living with a light load and is open to possibilities. I hope to be closer to that stage someday.

I was non-committally browsing for a vessel for my weekly farmer's market bounty and/or a kitchen island, because of the produce clutter that was happening back home on all counter surfaces. But the fact that I was only going to pay cash for new purchases precluded any of the potential purchases popping into view because I only had sixty bucks on me. The decent islands that were available were hundreds and some even close to a thousand dollars.

I was picking up and flirting with all kinds of wire baskets, bowls and at one point, even a wooden trough (!) This was essentially a log with a wide channel routed out by what looked like King Kong's nails. Rough, unfinished, crude, but during my flash of frozen delirium I really liked it. I could also picture tiny piglets lapping up water from it. I knew I had zero counter real estate and no piglets, I stepped away from all temptation. I've gotten better over the years that I won't buy anything unless it screams out at me. I was not feeling any jolt of "I must have that" today.

Anyway, safe to say, the only thing I picked up after walking around in the freezing cold for 4 hours was lunch, hot chocolate and a sense of urgency to figure out a solution with what I already owned.

This hanging basket was something I've had in my basement for years. It's very typical of me to run around the world seven times over in search of something right under my nose.

I'm very happy to report that I got rid of my produce clutter and uncovered more counter space, which pretty much was a kitchen island this whole time. Let's just call a spade a spade, even if it's buried under a healthy dose of fruits and vegetables.



My idiocy is a constant source of amazement. And if it weren't happening to me, perhaps amusement. But honestly, I'm not amused.

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