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semi-precious metals

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semi-precious metals
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For over a month now, I've stopped wearing these two items. These were two items I rarely took off for years. I've had the watch since 2000 and the earings, 2003 or 4. But due to unexpected circumstances, they now have come off indefinitely.

The earring came off when my colleague pointed out that one was missing from my ear. For obvious reasons, I took the remaining mate off of my ear immediately, as it was no longer 1985. I bought these silver hoops at Urban Mercantile. I loved them because these little hoops went with everything I wore. I was sad for a moment, but I've gotten better at not mourning the loss of objects.

The diver's watch came off when I realized I could no longer tell what time it was with absolute certainty. I adored this watch, but somehow, I began to notice that the hour hand was misaligned. It was always half an hour ahead of the minute hand. So, when the minute hand was at 12, instead of the hour hand sitting squarely on the number of that hour, let's say, 8, to specify 8:00, it was already halfway to the 9, as if it were 8:30. It would have been correct if the minute hand was at 6, but it wasn't, it was on 12. If I've sufficiently confused you, then I've done my job. This is how disorienting it was to tell time. As a result when people asked for the time I would appear slightly slow or high, which was enough of a reason to not wear a watch altogether.

Days later, I felt a bit disoriented without my metal objects that were once so dear and near to me. But soon thereafter, I noticed that I felt lighter. This watch is no wallflower. I've always worn big, heavy, men's diving watches, not because I'm a diver, nor for any gender issues, but simply because it's easier to tell the time with a bigger face. And I'm really lazy, so I cannot wear a non-waterproof watch that I'll need to remember to take off and put back on when I shower. But not having that hunk of metal on my wrist was a new sensation.

This metal-free mode I'm currently embracing reminds me of my friend, Sasha. He does not like any metal on his person. For that reason, he doesn't wear a wristwatch, nor does he carry umbrellas in the rain. He carries a pocket watch and wears a hat. This then makes me think of Dali's Persistence of Memory, as Sasha is a surrealist artist. It all comes together in my wee brain during the wee hours.

The same week this all came off of me, I noticed that Bootsie was no longer making her clinky sounds as she trotted through the house. Upon close examination, all of her metal tags, her name, rabies and microchip ID tag were missing from her collar. Only the metal rings that once held them remained. It was interesting timing that she, too, was shedding metal.

Even further investigation revealed a small gap where the looped ring used to overlap but was now gone. As it turned out, over the many years of running and scratching, the sharp edge of her tags had filed down the ring to nothingness and all the tags had slipped out from that gap. I found all three lying on the bed where she was seen writhing around earlier. It was a methodical and beautiful escape, like Andy Dufresne digging his way out of prison with a cafeteria teaspoon.* [film inspiration: Shawshank Redemption]

As always I digress. My point was, I thought that I would be lost in time without a watch or an alarm clock, but for some strange reason, I've been functioning on time and my body has been waking up naturally at 5:37. Why, I have no idea, but I haven't overslept yet - as I finish this post before 7am.

Good day.

*For those who haven't seen the aforementioned film, sorry for the spoiler, but then again, why haven't you.

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