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software books
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In what alternate universe did I think that I would create my own website, script my own XHTML, or produce animation using After Effects, Flash or Director. To be more specific, through the use of these thick, unwieldy, manuals?

Certainly not this one.

Everything I ever needed to learn about software I stumbled upon by accident or took a class with a live instructor. I may have picked up very few tips or tricks over the years through the printed word. When you're in search of an answer and pressed for time, flipping through hundreds of pages may be the most discouraging prospect.

Among this mountain of manuals were manuals that I didn't even purchase myself. A friend who worked in education thoughtfully gave them to me thinking that I may find use for them in my pursuit of digital proficiency. I never cracked the binding on any of them.

Look at these pages. I don't have to convince anybody that these are "good as new" were it not for the outdated content. This pile is about as useful to me as a gym membership. Paying for something doesn't make me a content developer or an athlete. Unfortunately, this is a lesson that I will have to continually learn as I uncover similarly neglected relics.

I boxed all of these books up today and taped it shut. I will drop them off at the Goodwill, but not certain that it will be of any help to anyone.

My hot air balloon is 35.2 lbs. lighter this Winter Solstice weekend.

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  1. Manuals are functionally as good as dictionaries.
    You don't have to read every page.
    To me, manuals are indispensable.
    Only reason I dump them, would be it became out dated.