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whoopie pies

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whoopie pies
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Doesn't this look like an army of smiles marching towards you?

My house is so cold in the winter, I dream up something to bake every weekend to keep the house warm. This Saturday on the menu was Whoopie Pies.

I never really had one until two years ago when I came face to face with one at Sweetie Pies, a bakery in Sonoma. They are famous for their Cabernet Pie during Cabernet grape season.

My very first bite was heavenly. It tastes just the way it looks. Soft chocolate pillows sandwiching a fluffy marshmallow cream center. You don't need teeth to eat these things, really.

Ever since then, I've looked for them in bakery windows and cake stands, but to no avail. Yet it never occurred to me that I could make them myself, until a friend suggested it.

I actually spotted a Whoopie Pie mix last week, of all places, in Crate & Barrel, but it just didn't scream out at me. I knew I could do better.

Well, I did. These little chocolate smiles were extraordinary. I offloaded this entire platter at a Hoiday party I went to later on in the evening. I am proud to say, I warmed up the house, spread the cheer and only had one* for myself!

Thanks, once again, to a gorgeous recipe from the now eternal Gourmet magazine.

*The single Whoopie Pie I had really knocked me out cold. I was in a powerful sugar coma for a few hours. Please consume in moderation and don't operate heavy machinery, i.e. eat only a fraction of the suggested single serving.

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  1. They look beautiful, Kana. Here, the old school recipe usually calls for boiled frosting, something a bit less fluffy that what most recipes call for, but I don't discriminate. I mean, I wouldn't if I could reach right into the screen and pick one off of your plate.

  2. Thank you! I was so surprised that my first attempt went so well. I'm afraid that I can't be left alone with them in the house, though. If I could reach through the screen to pass you the platter, I would, most definitely.