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By 8:10 PM

I am removing Jonah from my life. Once a dear friend, but now a complete stranger. He disappeared from our lives last week not saying so much as a "see ya" on a post-it note. There was no explanation and we were worried. Here one day, gone the next. And then we found out why he had to scram and rage and disgust set in. (I know that this type of post can only sound melodramatic and vindictive at best so I'll keep it short.)

I won't air anybody's dirty laundry here, as there are innocents involved, but simply dedicate today's post to all of those who were blindsided by his recent, inexplicable, ratty behavior. Anyway you slice it, it was an appalling series of betrayal, insecurity and cowardice, which will no doubt return to haunt him in ways he never imagined (dramatic!). Trust me on this one, what he did is reprehensible and this is the most civilized way in which I know how to deal.

Let's see...

  1. unfriend from Facebook. (online slap in the face)
  2. delete all photo albums therein that depict happy times with J. (digital erasure)
  3. replace his number on my cell phone with my gym's membership office. (upgrade)
  4. donate all items given to me by J. (green)
  5. discard notes, cards, email msgs, I've received from him thus far. (exorcism)
  6. stop all evil thoughts from infiltrating my psyche because it's ultimately a waste of time.
  7. get over disappointment of it all.
  8. support those who are trying to work through step 7 of this list.
Good bye, Jonah. You got what you wanted. But now you have to live with it all.

(Lucky for him my camera is broken this week or I'd have his photo all over this post...not really, but it's all in keeping with the melodrama.)

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  1. Let me say my melodramatic incident.
    Four old friends of mine had gone last year, without saying "so long."
    It wasn't tragedy but was reality.
    I've accepted.

  2. That's not melodramatic. That's nature.