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Broken VCR.
Need I say more?

Although, I still have a box of video tapes, I don't know who I'm kidding when I think that I will blow off the dust from the tapes and the machine to play any of them.

I bought this with Tina and Jane when we had our experimental video collaborative, Siren Says, back in the mid 90's. This deck was top-o-the-line and I think it cost me one-month's rent to purchase. It had a jog dial, much like a professional deck. You could move the tape frame by frame and edit footage. We stayed up late shooting, editing, dreaming and scheming.

We had a show called "Eat Me" at build on Valencia St. This featured photographs, installations, performance, a film screening as well as live music. Typical ADD megalomania in your mid twenties. My then boyfriend wore a house dress and combat boots and filmed the entire debauchery. That is one videotape that will not be played in any VHS deck, working or not working.

Subsequently, we were asked to perform in build's series of themed shows "pretty" and "scary". I think. I could be wrong about the titles. They were fashion shows, really. But I doubt we really knew what we were doing.

This object's release is my ode to what we believed to be a cynical, angst-ridden and tortured years of what really was an innocent, analog and very hopeful period in our youth.

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  1. Recently, I try not to say, "Don't throw away," but in the case of VCR, I'd dare say it.

    VCR has a strange ability.
    When you try to copy a DVD to a blank-DVD, chances are your attempt would be blocked by "copy protected" message. But VCR is able to copy it without any problem.