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cassette tapes

By 7:20 PM

cassette tapes
Originally uploaded by looseid

Wow, I'm completely shaking. I got rid of all of my cassettes.

These plastic time capsules chronicled every single inch of my youth. Grade school, piano recitals, symphony concerts, high school's intro to rock and popular music, taping shows off of the tv or the radio and listening to them over and over again, spoken letters to friends overseas, college, taping off of albums to rage in the car, making mix tapes for parties, to bootleg concerts, gift for friends, and most importantly as declarations of love or heartbreak for your latest crush, as they were the surrogate love letters that none of us were yet mature enough to craft with our own words. Why would you say "I love/hate/want you", if you could channel The Police.

All of them in the trash. Each handwritten song, collaged cover art, painstakingly recorded with just the right amount of pauses in between...There must have been close to 300 that I've been saving for the last two decades. They are now all in my trash can. If you care to dissect my youth, I'm an open book until Tuesday AM's garbage pickup.

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