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Umpteen years in Northern California, I've driven up to see the snow a handful of times, but not once have I gone skiing or snowboarding here. Missed opportunities, botched rides, flaky friends, or simply not enough effort on my part.

10 days ago the local news relentlessly slapped the headline of "Storm of the Century" onto the nightly forecast. As a result, everybody and their (sled) dog headed for the hills that weekend, including yours truly on her first snowboarding outing.

Well, here I am on a ski lift with all of the regalia of a snowbunny, 4 days after the snowfall, 8.5 hours in the car with 3 easy-breezy travel companions, 3.5 hours of sleep later, 2 eggs over easy, 1 hour of lesson, I no longer held fear about going downhill or more aptly falling down.

I've been craving a winterscape like this for years and everything came together in breakneck speed that week. When the planets align, they align perfectly. Bottom line, you want the planets on your side.

The sky was huge and blue, the air crisp, the snow blinding. And indeed, ignorance was bliss. I fell over and over again, but I just kept at it until I could get up no more. When I rolled back into town that Sunday night, I don't know how I managed to climb into bed, but I was out cold until the sun came up.

I thank my snow-chain wielding sweetheart for planning this trip and lifting me up high off the ground, even when I was buried in powder most of the weekend.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Even I felt being revitalized.

    I missed cross-country skiing.
    No snow here.