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Georgia loved Mark. Well, he was her first love and she never forgot it.

Mark's mother adored Georgia and even after their untimely break-up, she continued to care for Georgia like she was her own daughter.

When Georgia left home, Mark's mother gave her these two hand-crafted ceramic pieces as a reminder of their love. She had hoped that they would get back together again and Georgia hope for the same. She cherished these vessels as if it were Mark himself and used them lovingly only on special occasions.

Georgia was my roommate in my early twenties. When Georgia moved out of the apartment, she left these pieces behind. We were close friends when we lived together, but haven't kept in touch since then.

Today I found these items in a small cardboard box in my storage space.

I don't know why I never sent the box to her, but that was too many moons ago to even recall or justify. Besides, she never asked after them either.

My hunch is she's gotten over Mark, so I'm setting these pieces free. I was an involuntary guardian to this tiny love story for many years and I'm resigning my post, effective immediately.

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