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This is such a ridiculous "fix" that I must document it here.

Christopher, my friend, the very smart architect, installed a light in one of my bedrooms. Yes, he managed to hardwire a new fixture onto a 100 year old cloth-covered, brittle cable without starting a fire. But in doing so, he got the easiest part of the job wrong. When screwing back the switch into the wall, he placed it upside down. So, when the lights were off, the light switch was flipped up, what conventionally is the on position and when the lights were on, they were in the off position.

To add to that sloppiness, he and I both misplaced the switch plate to the light, so it looked like this (left photo) for, um, 8 years? Exposed cavity and live wires galore.

Well, I finally couldn't stand it a couple of months ago and bought a $1.29 plate and was ready to install it when, in my usual fashion got distracted and started working on something else. Before long, I misplaced the plate once again.

Today, I happened upon the missing light plate in my filing cabinet, of all places, under "Bootsie". Don't ask.

So, I marched right over to the said light with my screwdriver, unscrewed the light switch, twisted my wrist an exact 180°, replaced the screws, placed the recovered plate over the cavity and nailed that coffin shut.

8 years and 93 seconds later, the light is right side up safely contained.

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