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Mac #1

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Mac #1
Originally uploaded by looseid

Release date, July 1993.

System 7.1

Speed 25mhz

Memory 8MB expandable to 64MB

Apple nickname "Tempest"; case style "pizza box".

Last I tried, this Mac was functioning. But I can't remember when that even was...

The one joy I got from its discovery this weekend was the fact that this once state-of-the-art machine, that was designed specifically to handle audio and video data, has less memory capacity than my phone. These relics just keep coming out of my basement like cockroaches.

It's not that I've held onto all of these things for sentimental reasons, but that I've put off doing anything about it for so goddamn long. It's really the same self-loathing discovery over and over again. Really. I've had the luxury of extra space for so long that only now am I reexamining the usage of that space, or perhaps even the need for it.

Anyway, I'm so grateful for Goodwill that they take all computers, dead or alive and supposedly dispose of them properly.

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  1. Good for you. Goodwill would be the nicest place to go. Goodbye lovely pizza box!