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This week I checked on my Netflix queue for the first time in months and nearly fell out of my seat.

There were 329 items on standby.

If I were to give myself a year's deadline to go through the list, I would have to blow through 6.3 disks a week. That's conservatively speaking 10 hours of entertainment. But the truth is, half of these disks are either a single season of a TV show which comprises anywhere from 4 to 10 half-an-hour or hour long episodes, which instantly inflates my viewing plan to 15 to 30 hours a week. That's almost a second job.

Stop right there. [sound of screeching breaks]

To put things into perspective, I have one DVD that I've had since July 30, 2009. That's eight months ago. It's an experimental black and white film that somebody I deeply admired recommended, that I know I should watch, but am in no hurry to put in the DVD player soon. In fact, last night I had the option to watch that or Twilight and against my better judgment watched Twilight anyway. I don't get that phenomenon at all.

Do you know how your lists grows to 329 items strong. Somebody raves about an HBO series and you go home and tag the entire 6 seasons online. Your colleague makes a reference to Spaceballs that goes over your head because you've never seen it, so you tag it. Your best friend mentions that the protagonist in this rom-com reminds her of that guy from Trader Joe's, you tag it. And on and on.

We speak so fluently in pop culture shorthand that before you realize you are couple of semesters behind in homework with no hopes of catching up.

I got real with myself and eliminated the bulk of the list today. I'm not going to come home from a long day at work and want to cuddle up on the couch with "Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room". Or expect to stay awake through a Ken Burns 187-hour documentary on Shaker furniture, ever.

I should just cancel the service, but I'm going to keep the surviving list of 51 a little longer to see if I can make of it what it was originally intended to be, an escape.

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