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parking, groceries, clothing, knick-knacks, lunch, coffee, pharmaceuticals, stationary, magazines, gum, movie tickets, wine, cleaning supplies, hardware, gifts, breakfast, books...

Just another way to trace my footsteps, for no real reason.

I got into the habit of keeping these receipts. In shoeboxes, envelopes, jammed into wallets, bags and pockets. Why. There are so many meaningless routines we get accustomed to and before you know it you're inexplicably bound to upholding the practice. And then one day the spell is broken and you're shredding piles of receipts into a kitchen colander and photographing it under natural light and writing about it.

This is really embarrassing, but I'm going to continue documenting my bothersome habits as I spot them and unlearn them one by one. Who really cares, I always ask. And I haven't the foggiest clue who's reading any of this garbage, literally, but the idea that somebody, somewhere COULD stumble upon one of my posts is enough of a pact between myself and the greater Universe that I'm trying to change things for the better. Once an idea steps outside of your brain and become words, it becomes real and you become accountable. At least I do.

Behavior, environment, attitude, direction, mindset, energy, time, focus, significance. All of it is bound to change by the end of this series. I'm sure of it.

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